About Us

What is a full spectrum doula?

A full spectrum doula is an experienced professional who provides physical, emotional and informational support to pregnant persons throughout the spectrum of pregnancy including abortion, miscarriage, prenatal, labor and birth, adoption, and postpartum. Doulas understand the physiological and emotional processes involved, and offer continuous care and support throughout the various stages of pregnancy. 


The Baltimore Doula Project addresses gaps in pregnancy and postpartum support networks by providing accessible, trauma-informed doula services to pregnant and parenting individuals in the Baltimore area. Our focus is to provide physical, emotional, and educational support to our clients throughout pregnancy, miscarriage, abortion, birth and postpartum. In making full-spectrum doula care available to marginalized populations in Baltimore, we strive to shift the culture of pregnancy, birth, abortion and postpartum care, emphasizing bodily autonomy and empowerment as a standard for pregnant and parenting individuals in the community. We believe that all individuals deserve access to supportive services along the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences and outcomes.


The Baltimore Doula Project works to change the culture of healthcare provision throughout the full spectrum of reproductive experiences in order to make compassionate, client-centered support an integral part of the pregnancy experience for the Baltimore community.